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Assiduity [noun] - constant or close attention to what one is doing


Madeleine de Scudéry had a deep love for conversation and well informed people. She loved a man much younger than her. What kind of bond did they have? "Any true feelings between them were impossible. Society at her time sniggered at any evidence of passion in an older woman." They took their love to the realm of literary affection, as a game, a polite and clever lovemaking that developed in the environment of the salon, a game of manners.

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Flamenco genius, Rosario Toledo, takes us on a journey of assiduity in the neighborhood of Triana, in Seville, Spain. The piece was set to the beautiful music of Alfredo Lagos.

This piece was shot on location in June 2016.



Directed and edited by Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Performance and choreography: Rosario Toledo

Camera: Carolina Loyola-Garcia and Lucy Fernandez

Music: Original composition by Alfredo Lagos, used with his permission.


Special thanks to Emek Filogullari for facilitating the production equipment and Rocio Nogales for being awesome, as usual.


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Commissioned by SPACE,

A Project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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