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Indiscretion [noun] - 1. behavior or speech that is indiscreet or displays a lack of good judgment  2. injudiciousness; carelessness; thoughtlessness  3.  impropriety; misdeed


Funny little town is Indiscretion. So easy to reach, so difficult to leave. It is so tempting to let go of a small secret, someone else's confession, that one detail of somebody's life that only you are aware of. Once you let it out, it takes a life of its own. Or maybe you've taken a dear friendship for granted and been thoughtless or improper. Many ways to detour into Indiscretion, with a sure arrival at The Sea of Enmity.


On Saturday October 4th, 2014, 15 guests arrived at the Andy Warhol Museum to take part of our own reconstruction of Indiscretion for the Map of Love. Guests were asked to come in masks, and we all met outside the museum and together walked in a short procession into the lobby, while the museum was already closed to the public, to enjoy a private performance choreographed by Maira Duarte and performed by Jennifer Keller and Taylor Knight.


Special thanks go to Eric Shiner, Ben Harrison, and Matthew Robison at the Andy Warhol Museum for facilitating the use of the space for this project.



Directed and edited by Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Choreography by Maira Duarte

Director of Photography: Joe Seamans

Dancers: Jennifer Keller and Taylor Knight

Wardrobe for Jennifer Keller courtesy of Richard Parsakian, from EONS Fashion

Production Assistant: Brian Duncan


Joe Seamans, Carolina Loyola-Garcia, and Brian Duncan


Guests: Susan Englert, Charles Rosenblum, Karla Boos, Joel LeGall, Hyla Willis, Mark O'Connor, Anna Thompson, Michelle Gil-Montero, Roman Montero,  Athicha Muthitacharoen, Hartmut Geyer, Hannah Du Plessis, Sofia Tapia-Loyola, Rachel Simon, and Kristy Moegerlein.



Haydn: Symphony #26 in D minor 'Lamentation' Menuet, by Franz Joseph Haydn

Jazz Suite No.1 - Waltz, by Dimitri Shostakovich

Symphony No. 094 in G major 'Surprise' - 2.  Andante, by Franz Joseph Haydn



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A Project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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