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How to measure Friendship?


Madeleine de Scudéry devised three possible paths down her Map of Love, that might render you winning the affection of the one you pursue. Each path is based on a specific way in which attraction is first established between two people: Recognition, Respect, and Inclination.


On each path, there is a successful way to achieve the towns of Tender upon Recognition, Tender upon Respect or Tender upon Inclination. By taking the side path, you will end up in The Sea of Enmity or The Lake of Indifference.


Avoid such towns as Pride, Lukewarmness, Forgetfulness, Obloquy if you are seeking to delight in the favors of your loved one.

One of many attempts at using cartography to define and explain human behavior, these maps served as precursors of board games in an era where entertainment was dictated by what level of imaginative inventions was available during social gatherings.

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