A project by Carolina Loyola-Garcia

The village of New Friendship is a land of endless possibilities, untarnished by previous experience and filled with the brightness of what's new.


Gallery Crawl, September 26th, 2014 - Opening Reception at SPACE Gallery



During opening night two characters found each other at the gallery and performed the dance of the new. Cameras documented the performance, while gallery attendees were given masks to partake in the experience. Among the chaos of hundreds of people crawling through downtown Pittsburgh and being present at the gallery, the crew managed to capture the performance.


Directed and edited by Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Movement consultant: Beth Corning

Performed by Cara Freidheim and Harris Ferris

Music by Hector Moro

Director of Photography Joe Seamans

Additional camera work by Brian Duncan

Production Assistants: Trey Amador, Victoria Lomax, and John Ubie Ubinger



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Commissioned by SPACE,

A Project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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