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River of Inclination - "I will cross the whole world wondering if you will ever come back or if you'll let me die."


Madeleine de Scudéry devised three ways in which to reach the land of affection. One of them was the natural flow down the River of Inclination. I have somehow pictured her representation as a ride down the lazy river on a warm summer afternoon... something that only happens once per lifetime, if you get lucky...


Choreographer Maira Duarte has created her own version of this path.


Performance took place at the Convention Center water sculpture, culminating down by the Allegheny river.


Performed by Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson.



Director/Producer/Editor: Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Choreographer: Maira Duarte

Cinematographer: Mark Knobil

Dancers: Taylor Knight and Anna Thompson

Production Assistant/Camera Operator: Brian Duncan

Research Assistant: Katie Withrow

Production Assistants on Location: Carlos Camacho, Jose Padial


Music used:

-Prozess 3, by Hector Moro

-Ophelia's Song, by DNA Remix. Licensed under CC Attribution 2.5 generic. No changes were made to the original track. DNA / CC BY 2.5

-Kyrie Eleison in Church, by Rocavaco. Licensed under CC Attribution 3.0, non-commercial. No changes were made to the original track. rocavaco / CC BY-NC 3.0

-Movie Adagio 1, by TotallyCornyProductions. Licensed under CC Attribution 3.0, non-commercial. Track was mixed with other track. Totally Corny Productions / CC BY 3.0

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