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Indifference [noun] - lack of interest, concern, or sympathy.

If a traveler loses the way through the map of love and wanders off down a side road, then he/she may pass through the towns of Negligence, Inequality, Lukewarmness, Lightness, Forgetfulness and end up at the Lake of Indifference.


In November of 2014, as part of the Pittsburgh Biennial, choreographer and dancer Gia T. Cacalano moved through the galleries at The Pittsburgh Center of the Arts, as if she were swimming on her imagined Lake of Indifference. The edited video is an interpretation of a much longer performance.



Produced, edited and directed by Carolina Loyola-Garcia

Choreographed and performed by Gia T. Cacalano

Cinematography by Mark Knobil


Full list of credits available at the end of the video.




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Commissioned by SPACE,

A Project of the Pittsburgh Cultural Trust

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